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Automobile insurance

Our automobile insurance offer carries a wide spectrum of benefits. The most important are the possibility of acquiring the optimum insurance program, taking into consideration the terms and costs, as well as the assignment of the realization of the program.

The main scope of automobile insurance services includes the following:

1. preparation of automobile insurance program including:

  • The strategy of the choice of the insurance company
  • The concept of insurance terms
  • The procedure of concluding insurance contracts
  • The procedure of loss settlement resulting from automobile insurance
  • The concept of the amount and differentiation of the amount of insurance rates

2. Negotiations with insurance companies in order to prepare offers meeting the requirements of the prepared automobile insurance.

3. Preparation of the general contract of automobile insurance on the basis of the negotiated offer.

4. Preparation of the pattern of policy documentation as well as documentation connected with the realization of the procedure of insurance conclusion and loss settlement.

5. Preparation, implementation and realization of procedures of:

  • Insurance conclusion
  • Reporting of the concluded insurance policies
  • Reporting of the premium payment
  • Control of the terms of insurance expiration
  • Loss settlement
  • Reporting of the state of loss settlement

Our business advantage is based on the development of the IT potential of the company. For many years we have been investing in the latest and most modern IT applications, which let us operate any number of transactions, losses as well as the operational and sale structures of our Clients.

We use the most advanced applications prepared in cooperation with Effigence Sp. z o.o.:

  • EIS (Effigence Insurance System)
  • ECMS (Effigence Claims Management System)

Their general traits are:

  • Availability in 24/7 mode through the internet browser
  • Lack of the risk of unauthorized access to the application allows to use safe links (SSL, SSH, VPN)
  • J2EE technology used for big systems, in which the stability is one of the most important criteria of the assessment
  • Transparency of the user's interface
  • Flexible system of the authorization to the data
  • The function of data base
  • The most perfect tools of the insurance sale assistance
  • Effective tools of the implementation and control of the loss settlement procedures

EIS (Effigence Insurance System)

Effigence Insurance System is a unique net solution. The core of this application is a perfectly mastered mechanism of offering and concluding insurance contracts on-line. Intuition based, dynamic insurance forms 'SmartForms', supported by help tools make the often complicated process of forms filling, especially for people not acquainted with it, easy and pleasant. The system automatically calculates the insurance options which answer the criteria presented in the inquiry and makes their comparison. The proper insurance documents are generated when the insurance contract is registered. The only thing that must be done is to print and sign them.

The application offers a developed tool which allows for the elastic accounting of the sales structure, the operation of installments payment, preparation of annexes and clients' management. The implementation of Efigence Insurance carries a panel of advantages, the most important being the efficient creation of new distribution channels, the reduction of administrative costs connected with the sale, precise underwriting and the effective control of the sales network.

ECMS (Effigence Claims Management System)

ECMS is a solution supporting the process of loss settlement. The functioning of the application reaches far beyond the existing loss data base. A solution is offered for such spheres as: the collection of loss documentation, cost analysis, calculation, and damage settlement. The system helps to keep to the due dates, and the in-built tools automatize a panel of liquidation procedures significantly increasing the effectiveness of employees. The unique task system leads the claim adjusters so that they can deal with several damages at the same time.