About MAK Insurance

  • Quality We are characterized by care in achieving the highest operating standards. We apply a restrictive policy regarding the security of personal data, we have also implemented a quality management system that meets the requirements of ISO 9001:2015. We have received a number of awards for our activity, including the following certificates: Business Credibility for financial stability and Dynamic Company for the high pace of business development.
  • Business insurance We prepare each offer based on a thorough analysis of the market as well as the client's needs and activities. We conduct comprehensive audits of the current insurance, prepare recommendations for the optimal scope of protection and monitor its effectiveness after the conclusion of the contract. Our brokers act for and on behalf of clients and represent their interests before the insurers. We guarantee full commitment in the contacts and negotiations regarding the terms and conditions of insurance programs.
  • Wide competence We have unique experience in atypical insurance and special risks, which allows us to prepare offers that go far beyond standard package solutions. We have proved many times that we are able to meet the most demanding tasks. We have experience in serving clients from many industries, including: automotive, transport, industrial, residential, arms and power engineering industries. We operate both in the country and abroad.
  • Modern investments We invest in technology, and our proprietary IT solutions give us a competitive advantage based on practice and knowledge, and full independence of operations. We effectively manage the insurance programmes of enterprises ? irrespective of their size or the complexity of their policies. Our clients benefit from automated business processes, an electronic reporting system and online applications. This allows you to continuously monitor and easily manage your protection programme.

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Our standards

Doing business on such a large scale requires us to pay special attention to maintaining the highest business standards. We understand that our position in the competitive market is a privilege that we must constantly strive for.

To do this effectively, we subordinate all our activities to the following values:



We are guided by the principles of business responsibility.
We are aware of the importance of the tasks entrusted to us by clients, and we approach them fully professionally.



In negotiations with insurance companies, we are guided only by the best-understood interest of the Client. We want our insurance programs to meet their financial expectations and needs resulting from the risks associated with the business profile.


We provide clients with services compliant with the offer and we never promise more than we can do. We work in accordance with the best standards and attach great importance to the quality of our services.

CSR Activities

Our activities concentrate not only around insurance - we share success, supporting art and sport:
We are patron of the 6th Floor Theatre and sponsor of the boxing galas.