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Life and personal insurance

One of the key areas of our business activity is the group life insurance. Many of our clients seek special solutions in this area. Keeping in mind their needs we have prepared new insurance programs, or adjusting the existing ones to their needs.

They answer the character of Client's activity, additional dangers as well as non-standard wishes. We have experience in the preparation of programs for both entities from the sector of small and middle companies as well as big, leading companies.

The process of preparation of a group life insurance program can be divided into 3 steps, within which we perform, among others, the following activities:

The step of program preparation:

  • The analysis and estimation of the existing insurance program
  • The preparation of stipulations of the insurance program with the participation of the Client as well as trade union
  • Running negotiations with the Insurers
  • The preparation of insurance program enabling the employees:
    • To make a choice according to their expectations
    • To have access to the best market solutions
    • To maximize the limits of benefit payment

The step of program implementation:

  • Preparation of informative action - leaflets for the employees, presentations, etc.
  • Help in the program implementation
  • The training of people administrating the group insurance

The step of contract operation:

  • Supervision over the proper realization of the insurance contract
  • Representation of the Client in conflict situations with the Insurer
  • Assistance in the process of loss settlement

Keeping in mind the constant improvement of the process of group insurance operation we have made IT system. It allows for the automation of the process of program administration both at the beginning most difficult phase of implementation as well as in the later period of the insurance functioning. Owing to that we receive the saving of time of the people operating group insurance policies at our Clients' office.

Comprehensive offer of life and personal insurance does not only cover group employees' insurance. In order to meet our Clients' expectations we also prepare programs of accident insurance, BTA (costs of medical treatment and assistance abroad) as well as health insurance. Our offer in the scope is flexible and reaching far beyond the standard present on the market.