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Our fascination

Apart from our dedication to our professional work we also have a fascination for insurance. Or more than seven years we have been collecting old policies, plaques and books. At present our collections contains over 120 policies, 20 plaques which were attached to the fronts of insurance company buildings and 50 books published before World War II.

Our collection includes:

  • A policy issued in Warsaw in 1835 by Towarzystwo Ubezpieczeń Kapitałów i Dochodów (The Capital and Revenue Insurance Society) together with the envelope and a translation into Polish
  • An bill for insurance issued in Lviv in 1887 by Slavia Bank Wzajemnych Ubezpieczeń (Slavia Bank Mutual Insurance) in Prague
  • An annual report of the Towarzystwa Ubezpieczeń Wzajemnych (The Mutual Insurance Society) from the 19th century
  • A policy issued in 1917 under an agreement between the CK Austrian Army Fund for widows and orphans and the Austrian Feniks insurance company in Vienna (a mutual life insurance policy)

Come and look at our collection of old policies plaques and books.