MAK Group provides clients with broad knowledge about the risks connected with their business activity and assure professional insurance services
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Our values

The insurance programmes created by us always reflect the needs of our clients as identified by the audits carried out by us. The basic aim of such audits is to identify the risks and, on that basis, to carry out a profitability analysis of the transfer of those risks by using insurance. The solutions recommended by us provide clients with cost effective insurance cover for their actual needs. Our operations are based on three fundamental values:

  • Responsibility - our philosophy does not limit our responsibility to the financial aspect of the compensation associated with this concept.Obviously, our clients receive a full financial guarantee of the quality of our services. From our point of view, commercial responsibility is of the greatest importance. We build our business together with our clients, to whom we are always answerable.
  • Loyalty - when assessing the insurance needs of our clients and providing them with insurance services, we always have their best interests at heart.We are not linked with any insurance company. In our negotiations with the insurance companies on behalf of our clients we always try to obtain the best results for them in terms of costs and cover.
  • Reliability - we provide our clients with the services which we advertise.We do not promise more than we can achieve. We represent our clients according to the best practices. We pay great attention to the quality of the services provided by us.