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Property insurance

The best prove of the brokers' professional abilities is the effective operation of a large industrial plat. This is the place where the 'know how' of insurance technique is concentrated, just like in a lens.

This is the place where we deal with dozens of insurance products, hundreds of their formats and additional clauses. In addition to the variety of other parameters: deductibles, insurance periods and limits - we receive certain range of freedom which enables us to prepare the insurance program which best suits the client's needs. It is even more difficult when the insurance market is dynamically developing and changing providing in this way still new possibilities.

The ability to prepare a 'made to measure' comprehensive insurance program requires detailed product knowledge, constant appraisal of the negotiation abilities which are still exposed to trial. What is more, it requires significant human potential - the subject of insurance is too broad to be a specialist in its all sub-branches.

On the basis of the list of our Clients we are sure that we have acquired the above enumerated competences at the level which enables us to provide effective services for the biggest, winning the competition with the best.